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The Lakeshore Regional Police Service (LRPS) has two types of Police Information Checks the public can request. LRPS only conducts these checks for persons living on the First Nation's that the LRPS polices.  
The first is called a Police Information Check. For this type of check, LRPS will do a query of the National Repository of Criminal Records to determine if there are criminal convictions related to the applicant. Local police records are also queried for convictions which have not been added to the National Repository of Criminal Records. For this type of check, you will require one piece of Government issued photo identification
The second is called a Vulnerable Sector Check (VS). For this type of check, LRPS will do a query of the National Repository of Criminal Records, pardoned (record suspension) sex offender records, the CPIC Investigative and intelligence databanks, all available police records management systems, and court records if accessible. A VS check may be requested if the applicant requires it for a position of trust, which means a paid or voluntary position dealing with vulnerable people. Vulnerable people may include children, youth, the elderly, people with physical, developmental, emotional, social, or other disabilities, people who are addicted or dependent on addictive substances, and people who have been the victim of a crime or an accident. For this type of check, you will require two pieces of Government issued identification (with 1 being a photo ID). 
If you require fingerprints for a Vulnerable Sector Check for a Paid Position you will be required to pay a $50.00 cash fee to the Lakeshore Regional Police Service. 
If you require a Vulnerable Sector Check for a Volunteer Position you will need to provide us with a letter from the requesting Agency stating same and this will waive the fee.

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