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Note: To make a regular complaint for investigation, call the Complaint Line at  1-855-299-0137 or 587-749-0208 or come into the office. This Complaints Form is ONLY for complaints regarding a Lakeshore Regional Police Service police officer or the policies of the Lakeshore Regional Police Service.

For information on resolving a complaint with a Police Officer, or with Policies or Services, please visit the following pages:

Lakeshore Regional Police Service offers you two methods to submit a complaints form.  First, you can download a Microsoft Word document which will allow you to input your information.  Save the file, and email it back to our office.  Second, use the online complaints form below to submit your information immediately to our office via email.

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Online Complaints Form

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Please fill out the following form with your complaint. We will review your request and follow up with you as soon as possible.



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