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The Lakeshore Regional Police Service (LRPS) Victim Services assist First Nations victims of crime and tragedy. The LRPS Victim Services refer, inform and support First Nations people in crisis. Our goal is to lessen the impact of crime and tragedy by providing information, support and referrals. Each victim has different needs, which may include:

  • Someone to talk to after the LRPS leaves
  • Help in getting emergency resources
  • Advice on community resources available
  • Information on crime prevention
  • Information on requesting restitution
  • Information on the status of a case
  • Input into sentencing through a Victim Impact Statement
  • Court preparation and accompaniment

If you are a victim of a crime or tragedy and you would like help, or if you would like more information on LRPS Victim Services, contact us at 1-855-299-0138. 

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