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  • Lakeshore Regional Police Service (LRPS) supports culturally sensitive initiatives that foster the development and implementation of crime prevention. This includes the building of knowledge and capacity that can be used to develop or adapt culturally sensitive, effective ways to prevent crime.
  • Crime prevention addresses known risk and protective factors to reduce crime within the LRPS communities. LRPS will develop programs that will involve the communities in crime prevention planning and programming.
  • LRPS will work with its partners in the areas of crime prevention and restorative and community justice.
  • LRPS will establish both youth and elder advisory groups with representation from all 5 First Nations.
  • LRPS invites regular input from its communities to identify existing and emerging crime trends to establish policing priorities.
  • Evaluation is a key activity in the implementation of the LRPS crime prevention strategy. The results of crime prevention evaluations contribute to building the evidence and knowledge base about effective and innovative crime prevention practices and approaches. The dissemination of knowledge obtained from evaluations enables LRPS to develop more effective crime prevention initiatives, tools and best practices.



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Traffic Calendar

  • January - Intersection Safety
  • February - Distracted Driving
  • March - Occupant Restraints and Young Drivers
  • April - Speed Enforcement
  • May - Occupant Restraints
  • June - ATV Safety and Young Drivers
  • July - Impaired Driving
  • August - Impaired Driving
  • September - Back To School
  • October - ATV Safety and Young Drivers
  • November - Pedestrian Safety
  • December - Impaired Driving

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